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Сони Компьютер Энтертайнмент Инк.,1-7-1 Конан,Минато-Ку,Токио,108-0075,Япония
13 сентября 2019 г.
Частное предприятие «Астра-медиа», 220035, г. Минск, ул. Грибоедова 4
Совершенно новый

Описание игры GRID 2019:

Захватывающий гоночный симулятор GRID возвращается в 2019 году с совершенно новым опытом, где каждая гонка-это шанс выбрать свой собственный путь, создать свою собственную историю и определить свое наследие в мире автоспорта.

Британская компания Codemasters объявила о перезапуске серии гоночных симуляторов GRID, в нынешнем виде существующей с 2008 года и уходящей корнями аж во времена первой PlayStation. Новинка не получит ни порядковых номеров, ни подзаголовков и поступит в продажу 13 сентября. Впрочем, получить доступ к GRID можно и раньше: если вы купите издание Ultimate Edition, то начнёте играть 10 сентября.

Особенности игры:

  • OVER 70 OF THE MOST ICONIC CARS EVER RACED – Race the greats, both current and classic, across a huge array of vehicle classes. Modern greats such as the Porsche 911 RSR and Ferrari 488 GTE in the GT class to classics including the Ford GT40 and Pontiac Firebird Modified are all available to race to their limits.
  • 12 INCREDIBLE RACING LOCATIONS – Compete in intense wheel-to-wheel races on iconic city streets, world-famous circuits, and beautiful point-topoints, featuring Havana, Shanghai, Brands Hatch, Indianapolis and many more, with multiple routes at each location and varied time of day and weather conditions.
  • CREATE YOUR STORY, DEFINE YOUR LEGACY – Choose from 6 main career paths all leading to the GRID World Series, plus additional Showdown events.
  • THE FERNANDO ALONSO CHALLENGE – One of the most successful racing drivers of the modern era across F1, Endurance and Stock racing, Fernando Alonso joins GRID as Race Consultant and his Renault R26 car features in-game. Complete his challenges and earn the right to race Alonso himself. 
  • 6 EXCITING RACE TYPES – Challenge yourself across various modes in-game, as well as an event/race creator: 
  • RACECRAFT – An innovative moment-to-moment scoring system that rewards players for technical, skilful or brave racing. Players can earn points from teammates, rivals and nemesis drivers to improve their score both offline and online.
  • IMPACTFUL DAMAGE SYSTEMS – Affecting both players and AI racers, GRID’s damage builds on Codemasters’ class-leading damage system to visually and mechanically change your race. Damage will affect visuals as well as handling, with potential for terminal damage.
  • PLAYER PROGRESSION – Earn experience through racing and Racecraft to level up and receive rewards. Players get rewarded with Prestige, Player Cards, new team-mates and achievements throughout.
  • GET COMPETITIVE ONLINE – Race in either Quick Match or use the online event creator and take your racing to the next level, either in a public game or with friends in private races.

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